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Messi, a Border Collie, became famous after appearing in the movie Anatomy of a Fall, which won an Oscar. He even attended the awards show with the celebrities. It looks like Messi is loving his new life, as he confidently strutted down the red carpet at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. He`s the first dog ever to do so at the most prestigious event in the French Riviera.

In a standout moment, Messi grabbed everyone`s attention instantly by standing on his hind legs and waving at the crowd with his front paws. He even held a selfie stick in his mouth to film videos. Messi`s trainer, Laura Martin Contini, was by his side during the event. Besides snagging an Oscar, Anatomy of a Fall premiered at Cannes last year, where it bagged the top prize, the Palme d`Or.

Messi the dog at  2024 Cannes Film Festival

During the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Messi also clinched the Palm Dog award, given by journalists to the best dog at the event. A row of photographers in tuxedos snapped pictures of Messi as he strolled past and ascended the stairs of the Palais des Festivals. He sat down, raised his front paws, and waved to the crowd like a seasoned movie star. 

Messi held everyone`s attention for nearly 20 minutes as he mingled before the arrival of big-name stars like Meryl Streep, jury president Greta Gerwig, Jane Fonda, Juliette Binoche, and the cast of the opening film, The Second Act.

Greta Gerwig as head of jury 

It was earlier revealed that `Barbie` director Greta Gerwig will serve as the head of the festival jury. “I love films,” Gerwig said in a statement. “I love making them, I love going to them, I love talking about them. As a cinephile, Cannes has always been the pinnacle of what the universal language of movies can be.” “Being in a place of vulnerability, in a dark theater filled with strangers, watching a brand-new film is my favorite place to be. I am stunned and thrilled and humbled to be serving as the president of the Cannes Film Festival Jury. I cannot wait to see what journeys are in store for all of us.”

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