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After the widespread acclaim of `Baby Reindeer` and its recognition as one of Netflix`s top titles this year, the real-life Martha aka Fiona Harvey, has come forward with allegations against the show`s creator and lead actor, Richard Gadd. She accuses him of distorting events to portray her as a stalker and labels him as “psychotic.” 

The series depicted Martha`s story, culminating in her incarceration for stalking and sexual assault against a man. Gadd, a stand-up comedian, both created and starred in the miniseries, which was adapted from his autobiographical one-man show with the same title.

Real-life Martha aka Fiona Harvey denies stalking

During an interview with Piers Morgan, Fiona Harvey mentioned that apart from the media and “stalkers on social media,” no one has reached out to her after the Netflix show premiered, a show she claims she hasn`t watched.

When asked about her opinion on Richard Gadd, Fiona described him as “psychotic” and criticized his behavior, ““I think he is psychotic. Anyone going along being in that play, doing this to somebody, I find this behaviour outrageous.” In response to Gadd`s perspective of her character possibly needing help rather than being portrayed as a villain, she suggested that he should reflect on himself and his own mental well-being. “Well, maybe he should look a bit closer to home, at himself as someone who needs help. He is mentally unwell, always was.”

When confronted with her past tweets, which were seen as evidence of her excessive communication, she expressed surprise, stating that she never considered the person she was communicating with to be capable of behaving like a “complete psychopath” and attacking her in such a manner.

“My view is, it is all about the money. His preview play wasn’t making any money, he had failed as a comedian, failed as an actor and therefore (he thought), ‘Let’s make some money sell this to Netflix.’ He is making money out of untrue events. He has been the ultimate misogynist.”

Fiona Harvey announced her intention to pursue legal action against Netflix and Richard Gadd. She mentioned that she`s presently in a relationship with a lawyer, but clarified that neither she nor her partner will be directly filing the case. Instead, they`ve engaged lawyers to explore their options and identify potential defendants.

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