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The Blood Window Showcase will scare Cannes once again. This time, with six new features, currently in progress.    

During an exclusive screening on May 19, in Palais K, industry guests will get to see “The Tree House,” “1978,” “Fifteen,” “Eyes of the Abyss,” “Parvulos” and “Remanence: A Voltage Cosmic Tale.” 

“One of the highlights this year is the quality of projects and their diversity,” said the head of the program Javier. C. Fernández. 

“We have a coming-of-age story among zombie apocalypse in ‘Parvulos,’ a vengeful quinceañera with plenty of gore and dark humor in ‘Fifteen’ or even a horror tale set on a ship during the Falklands War in 1982 [‘Eyes of the Abyss’]. This is different from previous editions, focusing more on stories about exorcisms and urban legends. Now, there are offerings for every taste.” 

Written and directed by Isaac Ezban, “Parvulos” is a dystopian horror involving three young brothers. They live in a cabin in the middle of the woods, with a dark secret hidden in their basement.

“It’s a very personal project, which I have been developing for many years now. It’s truly a dream come true to finally be releasing first footage at Cannes,” Ezban shared with Variety

“I’ve always loved using movies to explore the coming-of-age stage, something we all have experienced and we can relate to. I believe that horror and coming-of-age blend very well, as these stories are usually a great metaphor for what growing up and discovering another world means. Also, I believe all great filmmakers have their story about the end of the world, and I really wanted to make mine.” 

Still, he underlined, “Parvulos” is mainly a story about family. 

“I come from a family of three brothers, like our characters. I like using fantasy to talk about something very human. In this case, it’s a story about trying to save a family and trying to keep a family together, something I can personally relate to.” 

Also from Mexico, “Fifteen” by Jack and Yossy Zagha will see two girls, Ligia and Mayte, planning the greatest quinceañera party their town has ever seen – also to finally get the respect and popularity they have been craving for. But things quickly go wrong: a mysterious creature attacks Ligia’s boyfriend and – after she loses her virginity to him – she discovers that another creature is growing inside of her, threatening her life and those around her.

Brazil will deliver “Remanence: A Voltage Cosmic Tale,” where Kapel Furman follows two rescuers who discover a treasure in an old cellar. Unfortunately, they also activate a dimensional portal, awakening someone known as Anton Meiher aka The Engineer, who can actually travel between dimensions. 

Flávio Ermírio’s “The Three House” will focus on a woman conducting rather unusual research in the mountains: she dedicates her time to human composting. 

“We are honored to represent Brazil at the Blood Window Showcase,” he said.

“As a psychological thriller – a genre still fighting to find its place in Brazil – our selection underscores global appetite for such narratives. This recognition strengthens our mission to continue crafting stories that broaden the scope of Brazilian cinema, showcasing its potential to captivate new audiences, to innovate in visual storytelling, to provoke and entertain.” 

Argentina will also try to provoke and entertain, starting with “1978” helmed by Luciano and Nicolas Onetti (“What the Waters Left Behind,” “Abrakadabra”). In the film, set during the World Cup final, a group of torturers kidnaps a group of young people. But they have made a mistake: the people they already wronged are actually a part of a cult, guided by supernatural force. 

Finally, Daniel de la Vega will go claustrophobic in “Eyes of the Abyss,” going back to the 1980s when a soldier wakes up aboard a warship. Soon, she must fight for her survival, and there is no easy way out. 

“[There is] increasing demand and international appreciation for original and unique stories that come from Latin America,” Fernandez summed up.

“Specialized film festivals focusing on genres like horror, science fiction and thriller have opened doors for these films to reach global audiences and gain recognition. Additionally, streaming platforms and digital distribution channels offer opportunities to reach a wider audience without solely relying on traditional distributors. However, the challenge persists in finding a balance between creativity and profitability, as well as facing competition from productions in other countries with larger financial resources.”

The Blood Window cut:  


Argentina, New Zealand


Directors: Luciano Onetti, Nicolas Onetti 

During the World Cup final, in times of military dictatorship, torturers kidnap a group of young people. What begins as an inhumane interrogation turns into a true torment: wrong people have been kidnapped. That’s not all, as they belong to a cult guided by an unknown force and the clandestine detention center will become hell itself. Produced by Black Mandala Films. 

Courtesy of Blood Window

“Eyes of the Abyss” (“Los Ojos del Abismo”)



Director: Daniel de la Vega 

In 1982, somewhere in the depths of the South Atlantic, a soldier wakes up on a warship. She is surrounded by corpses – her memory is a labyrinth. Soldiers storm the ship and she must strike with lethal precision in a desperate fight for survival. Wars, beyond death, produce echoes that sail on, seeking revenge. Who will dare to face the ‘Eyes of the Abyss’? Néstor Sánchez Sotelo produces for Del Toro Films. 

Eyes of the Abyss
Courtesy of Blood Window

“Fifteen” (“Quince”)

Mexico, Argentina


Directors: Jack Zagha, Yossy Zagha 

Ligia and Mayte are busy: the girls are planning the best quinceañera party possible. There is a lot at stake – if they play their cards right, they might finally join the popular crowd. But when a creature attacks Joel, Ligia’s boyfriend, he slowly turns into something inexplicable. Ligia, who loses her virginity to him, discovers that a dangerous creature is growing inside of her too. 




Director: Isaac Ezban 

This dystopian tale about three brothers living in the woods has been inspired by “Goodnight Mommy,” “Lord of the Flies,” “A Quiet Place,” Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro. Ezban’s fifth feature – co-written with Ricardo Aguado-Fentanes – is produced by Red Elephant Films and Maligno Gorehouse, with Corazon Films, Toushka Ventures, Gekolor Studios as co-producers. Felix Farid, Leonardo Cervantes, Mateo Ortega, Horacio Lazo, Norma Flores, Noé Hernández and Carla Adell star. 

Courtesy of Blood Window

“Remanence: A Voltage Cosmic Tale” (“Remanente: Voltagem Cósmica”)

Brazil, Canada


Director: Kapel Furman 

In the city of Novo Hamburgo in Brazil, two rescuers discover a treasure. Accidentally, they also activate a dimensional portal, bringing to life a very particular creature: Anton Meiher: The Engineer. It’s a being with electromagnetic powers, who will do anything to recover the jewels – also because they allow him to travel between dimensions. João Fleck and Nicolas Tonsho produce for Fantaspoa Producoes, while James Fler, Andrew Hunt and Michael Paszt co-produce for Canada’s Raven Banner. 

Remanence: A Voltage Cosmic Tale
Courtesy of Blood Window

“The Three House” (“A Casa da Árvore”)



 Director: Flávio Ermírio 

Dora lives all alone in an isolated house in the mountains, where she conducts, well, ethically questionable research. Looking for a partner she can trust, she hires a new caretaker, Mateus, not realizing that he is also hiding his own secrets. Gradually, the two grow closer and Mateus finally discovers more about Dora’s research: it’s all about human composting. A Poetika production.

The Three House
Courtesy of Blood Window

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