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Fallout” was the most-streamed title of the week of April 19-25, per Luminate‘s weekly ranking of streaming originals. The video game adaptation was watched for 1.2 billion minutes watched during this window, indicating an 2.5 million views when divided by the series’ 473-minute runtime.

Though “Baby Reindeer” landed at No. 2 with just over half of “Fallout’s” viewership total (647.4 million minutes), it actually reached a higher number of estimated viewers. With a 238-minute runtime, the British limited series reached an estimated 2.7 million viewers. It was followed by “Unlocked: A Jail Experiment” with 463.6 million minutes watched and 1.4 million views.

Season 6 of “The Circle” made a strong chart debut. With its first four episodes having been available for the full week while another four episodes became available the day before the viewing window ended, the reality season was watched for 265.3 million minutes.

“Under the Bridge” has been a success for Hulu. The true crime-based limited series debuted as the No. 5 streaming original seriesdespite limited availability: The first two episodes debuted on April 17 while a third episode debuted on April 25, reaching a total of 241.9 million minutes watched for April 19-25.

The No. 2 title was Netflix’s surprise hit “Baby Reindeer.” With 647.4 million minutes watched, the British limited series reached just over half of the total hit by “Fallout,” bthough it also had a shorter runtime.

Lower in the rankings were “3 Body Problem,” “The Gentlemen,” which have been charting for over a month, while “Ripley” slipped to No. 9 in its third week. Nature docuseries “Our Living World” debuted at No. 10 with 191.4 million minutes watched.

On the film side, “Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver” debuted on top with 740.8 million minutes watched and 6.1 million views. The release of the sequel gave a boost to “Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire,” which landed at No. 4 with 200.5 million minutes watched and 1.4 million views.

In between the two was “What Jennifer Did” (240.2 million minutes watched and 2.8 million views), “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” (202.4 million minutes watched and 2 million views). “Road House” led bottom half of the chart with 136.1 million minutes watched in its sixth week on the chart.

(Disclosure: Variety and Luminate share a common owner in PMC.)

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