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Ahead of the May 17 release of his album, Room Under The Stairs, singer-songwriter Zayn has teased fans with his second single, Alienated, which he says “set the tone for the entire album”.

“It shaped the way I approached my  [renditions], the styling of the guitars, and the sonic direction. This album comes from a place of vulnerability. I wanted each song to feel like it was being sung by me while I was sitting beside the listener, and telling them how I felt. It is raw.”

The musician, who shot to fame as a member of the band, One Direction, joined hands with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb to present this album. “His ability to elevate music is second to none. This album [was created] at a time when I was staying away from things, and living with my own thoughts. It inspired me to write something from that space,” he says of the 15-track album. 

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