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Indian actress Sobhita Dhulipala has many memorable performances to her credit. The actress is now all geared up for her much-awaited Hollywood debut with Dev Patel`s directorial Monkey Man. The anticipation amongst her fans for her debut is high and the audience can`t wait to see her shine bright on the Hollywood screen.

Dev Patel gushes about working with Sobhita Dhulipala in their latest

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Recently Dev Patel who has been extensively promoting the movie recently opened up about his decision to cast Sobhita Dhulipala in the movie. Dev shared, “Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful – but she carries pain well as a performer. I wanted to find a leading woman that was trapped in a corrupt system like my character but somehow she has a strength and takes the lead in our interactions. She’s not a damsel in distress but instead a woman caught up in a horrible reality. She notices this young man is struggling and in fact stops him from being exposed (sic.)”

Known for her stellar performances in acclaimed Indian series like Made in Heaven, The Night Manager, and Psycho Raman, Dhulipala brings a wealth of acting experience and versatility to her Hollywood debut. In Monkey Man, she portrays a character who exhibits resilience amidst adversity, a role that aligns with her ability to deliver nuanced performances.

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About Monkey Man

Monkey Man, directed by Dev Patel, is set to release on April 5th, 2024. The film, for which Patel also contributed to the screenplay alongside Paul Angunawela and John Cooley, promises to be a captivating cinematic experience. With Dhulipala`s inclusion in the cast, audiences eagerly anticipate witnessing her talent shine on the global stage.

As the countdown to Monkey Man`s release begins, fans of Sobhita Dhulipala eagerly await the opportunity to witness her captivating portrayal in a Hollywood production. With her commendable acting prowess and Dev Patel`s directorial vision, the film holds the promise of delivering a memorable cinematic experience, marking a significant milestone in Dhulipala`s career.

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