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Home saunas, which once used to be relegated to the Hollywood elite who shop just as casually on as they do Target, has become increasingly more mainstream alongside the popularity of the overarching wellness industry. And for those that can afford it, and have enough space in their room, an at-home sauna is the easiest way to enjoy the spa without leaving the house, and make a health-benefitting “steam and sweat” a part of their daily routine.

According to studies, saunas can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, improve blood vessel function and beneficially activate different parts of the immune system. And at the very least, reports indicate that they can improve sleep and ease certain skin conditions like psoriasis. Oh, and it feels really, really good,

However, just like with every product or brand that’s released amidst a trend, you have to be discerning with what you buy. Below, check out five of the best home saunas on the market right now — from Sun Home Saunas to HigherDOSE.

Sun Home Sauna Equinox 2

Whether you’re new to the sauna wellness craze or consider yourself an advanced “sweater,” you can’t go wrong with Sun Home Sauna’s Equinox 2, renowned for its cutting-edge features. The sleek unit is packed with a full-spectrum heating system that ensures an unmatched session, delivering beneficial infrared wavelengths—near, mid, and far—at 100% capacity. This full spectrum technology enables deep infrared heat penetration, doubled with high output heaters that boast superior wattage and supplemental Halogen heaters that swiftly raise temperatures. And if you’re worried about safety, Sun Home sets the industry standard with EMF/ELF blocking technology, supported by third-party testing records and emits a low 0.5 mG — which, according to their website, surpasses 95% of common household devices in safety measures.

HigherDOSE 2-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

HigherDose is another one of the other most ubiquitous brands when it comes to home wellness technology — and it’s Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop-approved. The HigherDOSE 2 is designed to bring the soothing embrace of far and full-spectrum infrared heat into the comfort of your own home, combining low-EMF carbon and ceramic heaters. With a complete array of LED options catering to your individual needs—such as the skin-revitalizing benefits of red light—it offers a holistic wellness experience. Plus, it’s enhanced with Bluetooth and AUX inputs so you can effortlessly set the mood within the cabin with your favorite music or guided meditations. Plus, its chic black exterior effortlessly complements any space in your home, ensuring both style and function seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

Nurecover Tropic Home Steam Sauna

The Nurecover Tropic Sauna, a “fully-portable” insulated wet steam sauna, is the perfect way to test at-home sauna technology without investing in a three or four-thousand figure unit. And with an insulated tent-like design, it makes for a great permanent alternative if you don’t have enough room in your house for a full-fledged spa cabin. For only $400, it boasts many of the same features as full-spectrum saunas, including 7 heat levels, a max temperature of 130 degrees, time settings between 20 and 60 minutes, and a smart controller for ultimate personalization throughout the experience.


Sun Home Luminar

Sun Home’s Luminar sauna is calling the names of anyone with a larger space who enjoys wellness activities as a communal, group activity. The Luminar is the pinnacle of luxury, boasting unmatched features — namely, it being the only outdoor infrared sauna equipped with 15 infrared heaters. Engineered for durability in all seasons, it utilizes heat-treated carbonized wood to maintain optimal outdoor temperatures, with a cutting-edge design that includes a panoramic double-pane glass exterior for uninterrupted outdoor views. Plus, the spacious model offers powerful full spectrum and FIR heaters strategically positioned for 3D healing wavelength and comes with mobile-app controls, premium Bluetooth surround sound, medical-grade chromotherapy and exterior LED lighting.

Renu Therapy The Resticus

Lastly, with its solid shape, the Rusticus indoor sauna is perfect for unused spaces and can be placed in tight areas. The indoor sauna can accommodate up to three people with its multiple seat levels and also has enough space for stretching out. An interior LED light bar is also included which provides a softly accented glow for an appealing ambiance. 

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