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As India prepares for the festival of Holi this weekend, fans were in for a treat as their favourite superhero icons were seen celebrating the festival. Well, not really. AI-developed images of Deadpool and Wolverine engaging in a battle of colours have surfaced online. In these fan-made images, the two who will soon be seen in a movie together as seen playing Holi. 

In the pictures, the red of Deadpool and the yellow of Wolverine get mixed with the colours of Holi. In one of the images, they are also seen doing chest-bump.  One can also spot Wolverine`s Adamantium claws threatening Deadpool in one of the stills. The background seems to be from a street in India. 

Deadpool vs Wolverine Teaser:

The teaser of the much anticipated upcoming film was unveiled last month during the Super Bowl. 

Taking to Instagram, production house Marvel Studios shared the teaser that they captioned, “Everyone deserves a happy ending. In theaters July 26. #DeadpoolWolverine.”

The teaser opens with Deadpool aka Wade Wilson played by the charming Ryan Reynolds celebrating his birthday with his family when unexpected guests knock at the door.  The Time Variance Authority (TVA), the multiverse managers last seen in `Loki` Season 2, kidnap Deadpool and bring him into the MCU. Calling himself “Marvel Jesus,” Deadpool promises to bring his R-rated jokes and fourth-wall-breaking antics into Disney`s squeaky-clean brand. Wolverine`s face isn`t shown, but he can be seen from behind, and Deadpool faces off against him at the end of the teaser — but only his shadow is shown, as per Variety, a US-based media outlet

Hugh Jackman`s popular character Wolverine is coming back with the film which fans last saw die in 2017`s sendoff movie `Logan.` Production on “Deadpool 3” ground to a halt for four months due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, causing it to move from May 3 to July 26, reported Variety.

The first `Deadpool` followed the anti-hero seeking revenge against Ajax (Ed Skrein), the man who turned him into a mutant and left him disfigured. The second installment focused on Deadpool organizing the X-Force team to fight against time-traveling soldier Cable (Josh Brolin). Soon after the makers dropped the official teaser, fans swamped down the comment section and shared their excitement for the upcoming film.

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