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Johnny Depp has finally responded to Lola Glaudini`s recent account of her experience with him on the set of “Blow” during a podcast episode. A spokesperson for Depp strongly refuted Glaudini`s claim that he was complicit in any wrongdoing during the filming directed by Wayne Roberts.

The rep for Depp stated, “Johnny always prioritizes good working relationships with cast and crew and this recounting differs greatly from the recollection of other members on set at the time.”

About the Johnny Depp controversy

Glaudini recalled an incident during the early days of shooting where she struggled to laugh on cue during Depp`s monologue. As per Deadline, the actress said, “I hear the cue, and I go haha, I do a big laugh or whatever,” Glaudini said. “Johnny Depp, when they say cut, walks over to me, comes up to me, sticks his finger in my face and he goes, ‘Who the f*** do you think you are? Who the f*** do you think you are? Shut the f*** up. I’m out here, and I’m trying to f***ing say my lines and you’re f***ing pulling focus. You f***ing idiot. Oh, now, oh now it’s not so funny? Now you can shut up? Now you can f***ing shut the fuck up? The quiet that you are right now, that’s how you f***ing stay.’”

After multiple takes, she found herself laughing more out of stress than anything else. She recounted, “This was my first studio movie, I’ve just done indies until then. And I have the star who I have idolized, who I am so excited to work with, reamed me in my face. The only thing going through my head was, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.`”

Depp later apologized, but Glaudini, feeling embarrassed and pressured, tried to move past the incident professionally. As per the account, “He said, ‘You know, so earlier I was really in my head and staying in my character, I’m doing this Boston accent, and it’s really f*cking with me. So I’m a little tense and stuff. So I just wanted to make sure we’re cool and everything?’”

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