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Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 96th Academy Awards for the fourth time, bringing his comedic flair to Hollywood`s major awards show. During his nearly 12-minute opening monologue at the Oscars 2024, he threw some playful jabs at celebrities, eliciting laughs from the star-studded audience and sparking mixed reactions on social media.

About Jimmy Kimmel`s nearly twelve-minute monologue

Let`s take a look at some of the most of the most hilarious social media reactions Kimmel`s monologue inspired:

Netizens question if Emma Stone called Jimmy `a prick`

Emma Stone responded to Jimmy Kimmel`s joke about her movie `Poor Things` getting nominated for an Oscar. Right after the 96th Academy Awards showed a video montage of Best Picture nominees for `Poor Things,` Kimmel cracked a joke during the ceremony. He said the clips they showed were the only scenes suitable for TV, hinting at the movie`s explicit R-rated content.

The cameras turned to Emma Stone. It looked like she said something to her husband Dave McCary, who chuckled. People who can read lips quickly came up with theories about what she might have said, with some thinking she joked, “He`s a prick.”

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