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When Colin Jost and Michael Che are together, whether it’s as co-hosts of “SNL’s” Weekend Update or in the real world outside the confines of the famed 30 Rock stage, they are rarely serious. Like the comedic characters they broadcast on NBC, their teasing, banters and pranks are incessant — and their chemistry is palpable.

It’s no exception when I hop on a Zoom call with the duo to talk about their St. Patrick’s Day partnership with the Irish Whiskey brand Jameson, which is — surprisingly — their first-ever joint brand deal. “We honestly didn’t even realize it was our first one,” Jost say, looking across his laptop screen to Che’s face for confirmation he isn’t forgetting about something. “I guess it’s something we should talk to our agents about. I have 44,000 unopened emails in my phone right now, so it’s possible…”

It is, despite their memory lapse, their first-ever joint brand deal, which Jost calls a “natural fit.” Both of their orders of choice are a Jameson with Ginger-Ale and, if they’re “feeling spicy,” a wedge of lemon. When Jost says that a “lime does sound kind of nice and civilized,” Che quickly corrects him: “No man, it’s more of a lime situation.”

As part of their partnership with Jameson, the comedic duo will host a countdown event in New York City’s Times Square on Saturday, March 16 ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, which the brand aptly titled “St. Patrick’s Day Eve.” “I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to celebrate a brand new holiday?” Che says. “St. Patrick’s Day also feels like a New York holiday because the parade’s so big here. As New Yorkers, we’re always celebrating anyway, and you kind of can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without Jameson. They kind of go hand in hand. So getting to do this campaign is so cool and I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun at that party.”

Anderson.Paak, who has shared the stage with Che and Jost before as a musical guest on “SNL,” was announced last week as the event’s headlining performer, and fans were able to score free tickets to the exclusive DJ set last week by applying for a lottery on The contest is now closed.

While Jost and Che are looking forward to hitting the stage next weekend, they say they’re less inclined to return to more high-pressure hosting gi such as the Emmys, which they hosted together back in 2018.

“I have no idea if anybody wants us to do anything but I do think that it’s a tough gig,” Che says. “The Emmys was kind of a bucket list thing to get to do as comedian or as a performer — you always want to be asked to do something like that and you’re always so appreciative — but it’s so much work and it’s so many moving parts.”

“‘SNL’ kind of spoils you into kinda getting to do whatever you want,” he continues, “and it’s really tough to deal with all the [logistics] of putting a show together like that. It’s a lot of work and it’s really hard to do work on your day off.”

For now, St. Patricks’ Eve will do.

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