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Akira Toriyama death: Akira Toriyama, the person who made the Dragon Ball Z manga and anime that many people love, has passed away. His studio announced the sad news on Friday, mentioning that he was 68 years old. 

The talented artist, known for creating the famous Dragon Ball series that became popular worldwide, died on March 1 due to a condition called acute subdural hematoma.

Dragon Ball, which started in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine back in 1984, tells the story of Son Goku as he trains in martial arts and goes on a journey to collect seven special orbs that can summon a dragon to grant wishes. It`s incredibly successful, selling over 260 million manga copies globally and giving rise to numerous anime series, video games, and even a live-action movie.

Netizens were absolutely devastated by the news and took to `X` to share their condolences:

Over a span of more than 45 years, Akira Toriyama made various works like Dr. Slump, Sand Land, and designed characters for the Dragon Quest video games. The company Toei Animation Co., responsible for creating animated Dragon Ball films, saw a drop in its shares, falling by as much as 4.4&#37.

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