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On Women`s Day, let`s celebrate the amazing women characters on TV who inspire us all. From Claire Dunphy balancing work and family in `Modern Family` to Samantha Jones breaking societal norms in `Sex and the City,` these characters empower women everywhere with their resilience and confidence.

1. Claire Dunphy (Modern Family)

Claire is an inspiring character as she navigates the challenges of a modern family while maintaining a successful career. Her ability to balance work and family life with humour and strength resonates with many women facing similar struggles, making her a relatable role model. Over the course of eleven seasons, Claire Dunphy was given a wholesome character arc. Viewers watched Claire Dunphy multitask between work and motherhood.

2. Samantha Jones (Sex and the City)

Samantha is an iconic figure who inspires women with her unapologetic confidence, independence, and open embrace of her sexuality. Her character challenges societal norms, encouraging women to break free from stereotypes and live authentically. And, who can forget the iconic quote that empowered women everywhere, `I love you, but I love me more`. This memorable quote succinctly conveys the depth of her commitment to self-love and self-care. Despite her feelings for Smith, she prioritizes her own well-being and chooses to focus on nurturing herself first.

3. Jane Villanueva (Jane the Virgin)

Jane Villanueva is a determined and compassionate character, showcasing the strength of single mothers and their ability to pursue their dreams against all odds. Her journey reflects the challenges many women face and the power of resilience in overcoming obstacles.

4. Meredith Grey (Grey`s Anatomy)

Meredith Grey is a resilient and accomplished surgeon who faces the challenges of her demanding profession head-on. Her character depicts the triumphs and struggles of women in high-pressure careers, inspiring others to persevere and excel in male-dominated fields.

5. Dr. Jean Milburn (Sex Education)

Dr. Jean Milburn (formerly Franklin) is a key character in the TV series played by Gillian Anderson. In the show, she takes on the role of a sex therapist and serves as the caring yet overly protective mother of Otis and Joy. Dr. Milburn`s character is empowering, urging women to embrace fearlessness and unapologetically be themselves. She encourages women to ask important questions and maintain a curious outlook on life.

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