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Saturday Night Live” host Sydney Sweeney and cast member Chloe Trost were the nation’s No. 1 interior designers for Airbnbs in one of the final skits on Saturday. The pair rolled out all the clichés that Airbnb guests have experienced, from hard-to-operate locks to bland words used as artwork on walls.

“Bland. Generic. Downright uninviting. If these are the vibes you’re going for, then we’re your girls Chanel and Channel,” they announced. “Together, we can make your rentals pop with plain furniture and art for nobody.”

“Why stay in a hotel when for basically the same amount of money you can stay in a place with worse sheets and a camera in the toilet?” they asked.

“Just listen to some of our satisfied customers,” the decorators said, showing some sample lodgings.

“You may know our work from cozy casita steps from LAX,” they said with a photo of an airplane looming over a house. “And the Wonka Experience in Glasgow,” they continued, with a photo that looked like the doomed interactive experience that went viral this week.

The Glasgow attraction, sponsored by the House of Illuminati, was meant to provide an interactive, colorful world for families, reminiscent of the recent movie “Wonka” — though the experience was not authorized by Warner Bros.

When guests paid $45 each, they found only a nearly-empty warehouse, a few makeshift props and cast members like Oompa Loompa Kirsty Paterson, who was photographed dejectedly sporting a green wig, who immediately became one of the most popular memes of the year.

But “Saturday Night Live” missed the chance to feature the green-haired Oompa Loompa, instead focusing on skits revolving around Airbnb, Hooters Restaurant, and a scenario imagining Bowen Yang as a straight ladies man with Sweeney lusting after him.

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