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Rihanna, the famous pop star, has just arrived in Jamnagar, Gujarat, for the three-day pre-wedding festivities of Mukesh Ambani`s youngest son, Anant Ambani, and Radhika Merchant.

Even before Rihanna touched down in India, a video of her luggage being pulled on carts grabbed everyone`s attention and went viral on social media. One of her fans jokingly commented on the amount of luggage, and Rihanna responded with a witty and humorous remark.

Rihanna reacts to viral video

The excitement for the highly anticipated wedding of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant is taking over the internet. Numerous celebrities are being photographed at the airport as they head to the grand event in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Adding to the frenzy, international pop star Rihanna`s presence has created a buzz among fans. Even before Rihanna arrived in the country, a video showcasing her sizable luggage bags became a viral sensation on the internet.

In the video posted by paparazzi, a convoy of carts is seen being pulled by a transport vehicle. Each cart is loaded with large boxes covered by a tarpaulin.

Reacting to the video, a fan said, “What she bring with her? A folding house?” and surprisingly, the comment grabbed the singer’s attention, she humorously wrote, “The stage couldn’t fit in my carry-on (Accompanied by a shrugging emoji)”.

Rihanna reacts to viral video, take a look:

Rihanna lands in Jamnagar

Rihanna, the pop icon, has landed in Jamnagar, Gujarat, to join the pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. The highly anticipated three-day event, starting on March 1 in Gujarat, is expected to be a glamorous affair with a star-studded guest list.

Rihanna, the American-Barbadian singer, made a stylish entry in Jamnagar on February 29 for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant`s pre-wedding celebration. Spotted at the Jamnagar airport on Thursday evening, Rihanna sported a black top and dark pants, complemented by long brown curls. Accompanied by her team and security, she took a golf cart to reach the event venue.

About Anant Ambani Radhika Merchant`s pre wedding

Anant and Radhika got engaged in a traditional Gujarati ceremony known as Gol Dhana in Mumbai on January 19, 2023. The pre-wedding festivities kickstarted on Wednesday with `anna seva`. At Jogwad village near Reliance Township in Jamnagar,  members of the Ambani family served traditional Gujarati food to the villagers. Food will be served to about 51,000 residents, which will continue for the next few days to seek the blessings of the native community. 

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