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Postproduction business Harbor–whose recent credits include work on “The Holdovers” and “El Conde”–and sound packaging studio 424 Post have partnered to launch a unique full-service post facility at the Culver Theater (the former Arclight multiplex now owed by Amazon) in Culver City.

Most of the cinema’s auditoriums are uniquely equipped with Samsung LED cinema displays rather than traditional cinema projectors. Some stakeholders are exploring the potential of such screens for theatrical exhibition.

Dubbed Culver Post, the new post facility will operate within the cinema and also integrate such LED technology into its business. According to the partners, this will include one auditorium with seating for roughly 50 patrons that features a 34-foot, 8K Samsung IWA LED cinema display and a Meyer Sound Ultra Reflex cinema sound system (designed for direct-view displays such as Samsung’s LED offing) with Dolby Atmos for HDR or SDR color grading and immersive sound mixing.

A second theater, also with seating for roughly 50, features a DCI-compliant 4K Samsung Onyx LED display and an Ultra Reflex sound system with Dolby Atmos. Both stages will use Sony HDR reference displays. Culver Post will also serve as a sort of test bed for Samsung and its Meyers Sound unit.

Culver Post’s three additional stages are equipped with Christie 4K cinema projectors and Dolby Atmos.

Harbor and 424 Post will continue to operate their individual businesses. According to 424 Post’s vp of operations Richard Burnette, the Culver Post partnership is an extension of one that is already in place between the two companies. He related that L.A.-based 424 Post houses several Habor color grading rooms. Additionally, he says 424 Post may provide sound talent at Harbor’s additional locations, including in New York and London.

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