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Season 7 of “Somebody Feed Phil” sees the titular comedy writer and globetrotter visit eight all-new locations — Mumbai, Washington, D.C., Kyoto, Iceland, Dubai, Orlando, Taipei and Scotland — as seen in a new trailer.

The series follows Phil Rosenthal, best known for creating and showrunning “Everybody Loves Raymond” for nine seasons on CBS from 1996 to 2005, as he travels to different cities throughout the world. Per the official logline, Season 7 is spent “uncovering hidden gems and encountering the heart and soul of each city with each bite. Phil forges connections through the universal language of food, celebrating the joy of discovery; and the shared experience of breaking bread together.”

Rosenthal’s travels are punctuated in the series by interactions with his friends and family. Notably, one episode of Season 6 was titled “Tribute to Helen and Max” and featured Rosenthal, his brother, their wives and their family friends reflecting on the lives of Rosenthal’s parents, who appeared in every episode of the series before they passed away. “There wasn’t a master plan. Just like any episode, we have scenes we think we’re going to do, and we leave room for serendipity,” Rosenthal told Variety about the episode. “So, I said, ‘What if we ordered Zabar’s and just talk over breakfast?”

The eight-episode seventh season premieres on Netflix on March 1. The release is timed just ahead of the publication of “Just Try It!,” a children’s book about food co-written by Rosenthal and his daughter, Lily Rosenthal on March 5.

“Somebody Feed Phil” is produced by Lucky Bastards and Zero Point Zero Production, Inc., with executive producers including Rosenthal, his brother Rich Rosenthal and John Bedolis on behalf of Lucky Bastards as well as Christopher Collins and Lydia Tenaglia on behalf of Zero Point Zero.

See the Season 7 trailer below.

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