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Taylor Swift remained in the spotlight after Super Bowl 2024, joining an after-party to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs` overtime victory with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The couple shared a kiss while an EDM remix of “Love Story” played in the background.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce share a kiss while singing `Love Story`

At the star-studded afterparty, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, both 34, enjoyed celebrating with some hits from Swift`s album `Fearless`, including the fitting `Love Story.` Videos shared by fans on social media captured the couple dancing to the song not once but twice.

In one clip, they danced to a remix, singing along to the lyrics, including “You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,” playfully pointing at each other. After claiming their royal roles, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce shared a kiss while singing `Love Story` at the Superbowl 2024 afterparty, watch video and leaned in for a kiss, and Swift, wearing a sparkly Amiri jacket, reciprocated by wrapping her arms around the NFL star.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce share a kiss while singing `Love Story`, take a look:

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Another video inside the club showed the couple dancing to the track again, sealing the sweet moment with yet another kiss. Additional videos from the Super Bowl champs’ celebration in Vegas featured Kelce in the DJ booth dancing to another romantic Fearless track, “You Belong with Me.”

Swifties could not get enough of the couple, they took to `X` to gush about the two:

Clips showed the tight end searching for Swift during the lyrics “Why can’t you see you belong with me?” and dedicating the latter part of the verse to his Grammy-winning girlfriend. Swift, somewhere in the crowd, reciprocated the love, pointing to Kelce in the booth as she sang the catchy chorus. Despite the sweet moments, the after-party kisses weren’t the first for Swift and Kelce that eventful evening, as they also celebrated his big win with a romantic on-field smooch after the Chiefs` thrilling overtime victory at the Superbowl 2024.

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