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Neve Campbell announced in June 2022 that she was leaving the “Scream” franchise because she didn’t feel she was being properly compensated to reprise her role of Sidney Prescott in the sixth movie.

Even so, she could see herself coming back some day “under the right circumstances,” Campbell told me Saturday at the BAFTA Tea event at the Maybourne hotel in Beverly Hills.

That said, it’s unclear what is happening with the franchise at the moment after director Christopher Landon dropped out of the seventh film. Landon’s exit came shortly after star Jenna Ortega announced she was not return due to scheduling conflicts with her “Wednesday” production calendar and co-star Melissa Barrera was fired over social media posts about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Both actors starred in the fifth and sixth “Scream” films.

Campbell hopes the franchise will continue. “I honestly don’t have no idea what their plans are,” she said. “I know a lot has gone on around it and I’m sure they’re spinning a little bit at the moment.”

She continued, “These movies mean a lot to us and they mean a lot to the fans. I go to these conventions sometimes and I meet  the fans and they’re frantic about these films. They love them. These films mean a lot to them and these characters mean a lot to them. So even for their sake, I would love to see it continue.”

In November, Campbell spoke out about the decision to kill off Dewey (David Arquette) in the fifth film. “I thought it was tragic and I don’t usually like to criticize the writing in these projects,” she said during an appearance at Monster-Mania Con. “But I was really disappointed in their choice to get rid of David. Dewey’s such a wonderful character, and I think we were all in love with him and I think we all felt pretty sad about that. Which of course is the reason they do it, because it has more impact, but now I miss him. I want to see more of him.”

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