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American comedian and actor Jo Koy did not anticipate that his monologue at the Golden Globes 2024 would bring forth a wave of backlash. The actor shared that he did not mean any harm by most of the `jokes` that were cracked at the expense of others. But the internet remained unhappy with the comments he passed, disguised as jokes.

Page Six reported. “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift,” the comedian said.

When the camera switched to Taylor Swift, she could be seen glaring at the evening`s host as she sipped her champagne. “Aww, man, it was cute. I was just saying it was cute,” Koy said. “I was just saying it`s less cutaways, that`s all.” The pop artist appeared to leave the award presentation early following Koy`s joke and her category defeat, as per Page Six. Swift and the NFL faced criticism for focusing cameras on the pop star during her romance with Travis Kelce rather than the games.

Golden Globes 2024 host Jo Koy responds to the monologue backlash

Jo Koy is widely known as a standup comedian and actor who famously appeared on ABC`s GMA3: What You Need to Know and addressed the discourse surrounding him. “I had fun; you know, it was a moment that I’ll always remember. It’s a tough room. It was a hard job, I’m not going to lie. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt… Hosting is just a tough gig. Yes, I’m a standup comic, but in that hosting position, it’s a different style. I kind of went in and did the writers’ thing. We had 10 days to write this monologue. It was a crash course. I feel bad, but I got to still say I loved what I did (sic.)”

Golden Globes 2024 host Jo Koy responded to the monologue backlash regarding the joke cracked at Taylor Swift`s expense and if the comedian regretted anything from the whole event, he said, “I think it was when the Taylor [Swift] one was just a little flat… It was a weird joke, I guess. But it was more on the NFL… I was trying to make fun of the NFL using cutaways and how the Globes didn’t have to do that. So it was more of a jab towards the NFL. But it just didn’t come out that way (sic.)”

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