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The 81st Golden Globe Awards 2024 was held at Beverly Hills in California. It was hosted by first timer Jo Koy who opened the ceremony with a monologue that dew flak from the audience present in the room and also from netizens. 

It was only on December 21 that Koy was announced as the host of Golden Globe Awards 2024. “Some I wrote, some other people wrote,” the standup comedian said after one of his lines fell a little flat. “Yes, I got the gig 10 days ago! You want a perfect monologue? Yo, shut up. You’re kidding me right? Slow down, I wrote some of these and they are the ones you are laughing at.”

Koy got a big laugh for the time he joked about `Saltburn` star Barry Keoghan`s lengthy nude dance scene. He made references to the size of the character`s genitals in the film. He asked Keoghan from the stage, “Where is your penis seated? Down front? That was the real star of the show.”

He further joked about several titles that were top contenders of the night. `Barbie` and `Oppenheimer` that had battled out at the box office also got the most number of nominations at the Golden Globes this year. Jo Koy pointed out `Barbenheimer` are competing in the newly created best cinematic and box office achievement category. “Oppenheimer’ is based on the 721-page Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the Manhattan Project — and ‘Barbie’ is about a plastic doll with big boobies,” he said.

For `Barbie`, Koy said, “it was kind of weird being attracted to a plastic doll” while watching the Margot Robbie-led movie from Greta Gerwig, quickly adding, “just something about your eyes, Ryan,” while staring at Robbie’s Ken, Ryan Gosling.

“The key moment in ‘Barbie’ is when she goes from perfect beauty to bad breath, cellulite and flat feet — or what casting directors call character acting,” he added. When this joke fell flat, he pointed out that he got his script 10 days ago. 

“I loved ‘Oppenheimer,’ I’ve just got one complaint: It needed another hour. I feel like it needed some more backstory,” Koy said of Christopher Nolan’s hit. “My New Year’s resolution for 2024 is to finish ‘Oppenheimer’ in 2025,” he joked. 

Koy said the lesson he took away from Martin Scorsese’s `Killers of the Flower Moon` was “white people stole everything.” “Not like 97&#37, you guys stole 100&#37 of everything. You took the land, you took the oil, you took the premise of the movie.” Getting scattered laughs from the audience, he added, “What, that was your premise? That’s hilarious, I don’t care. It’s just that the room is really white.”

Koy also mocked NFL`s obsession with Taylor Swift saying that the difference between the sporting event and Globes is that the latter has less cameras on Swift.

Netizens were not impressed with Koy`s monolgue and calling him as the `worst host` and terming his jokes in `poor taste`.  

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