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US actor Vin Diesel`s former assistant has accused him of sexual assault during the filming of the 2010 film `Fast and Furious Five`. According to a Lawsuit filed on Thursday, the actor`s former assistant claimed that the act was committed in the fall of 2010 while they were shooting for the film in Atlanta. 

Asta Jonasson in her lawsuit claimed that Vin Diesel had trapped her against a wall in a hotel suite in Atlanta and masturbated in front of her. As per the legal complaint, Jonasson was employed by Diesel`s production company `One Race` to fulfill a range of roles. Her job included arranging and joining Diesel at social gatherings and guaranteeing her presence in photographs if the actor made solo appearances at functions without his usual romantic partner. 

Vin Diesel`s former assistant Asta`s first assignment after being hired by the company was to accompany the star to Atlanta in September 2010 for the filming of Fast Five. Jonasson was tasked to help Diesel leave the hotel in the early hours after entertaining multiple women in a suite before the paparazzi were alerted about is whereabouts.

“Alone in the hotel suite with him, Vin Diesel sexually assaulted Ms Jonasson. Vin Diesel forcibly grabbed Ms Jonasson, groped her breasts, and kissed her. Ms Jonasson struggled continually to break free of his grasp, while repeatedly saying no.

“Vin Diesel then escalated his assault,” the suit said, with the actor trying to pull down his assistant`s underwear.

The suit mentioned that Jonasson fled to a bathroom where Diesel followed her and forced her to touch him. He pinned her against the wall and masturbated. The suit mentioned that the following days Jonasson was fired by Diesel`s sister Samantha Vincent who is also the president of One Race. 

“The message was clear. Ms Jonasson was fired for courageously resisting Vin Diesel`s sexual assault, Vin Diesel would be protected, and his sexual assault covered up,” the suit said.

Jonasson has currently waived the right to anonymity that is granted to victims of alleged sexual abuse. The civil suit seeks unspecified damages against Diesel, Vincent, and their companies.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for Vin Diesel said his client “denies this claim in its entirety”.

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