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‘Tis the season for streaming! With the holiday movie season in full swing, Netflix is bound to be one of the premiere destinations for movie lovers seeking a bit of Christmas confront. The streaming giant has become a bonafide Christmas movie machine over the last few years, developing its own slate of Christmas movie franchises (“The Princess Switch,” for instance) and original films and series.

Netflix’s holiday offerings in 2023 span Oscar contenders (Todd Haynes’ “Carol” is an annual favorite for the cinephile in your life), horror movies (Sophia Takal’s Blumhouse-backed remake of “Black Christmas” is the rare horror remake that works), animated family offerings (“Klaus” was the first Netflix original to be nominated for best animated feature at the Oscars), Christmas classics (“Love Actually”) and a ton of originals, from Lindsay Lohan’s “Falling for Christmas” to the “A Christmas Prince” trilogy.

Check out a guide below to Netflix’s Christmas movie offerings this holiday season. Plot descriptions provided by Netflix.

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