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Billie Eilish discussed her sexuality at Variety`s annual Hitmakers Brunch event on Saturday. During the interview in question, Eilish affirmed she is queer and was further asked if she wanted to come out in the magazine`s `Power of Women` issue. After “coming out” as queer, the singer reportedly had over 100,000 followers on her Instagram account.

The `What Was I Made for` singer allegedly lost 117,750 followers in the past 30 days, with the most number of unfollows being on December 3. The Grammy award-winning artist lost 40,428 followers the day after her red carpet interview, as per the news portal Lastely. In the piece, Billie said she was “attracted to women.”

Billie Eilish, however, was under the impression that everyone already knew since it was “obvious.” She said, “No, I didn`t. But I kind of thought, `Wasn`t it obvious?` I didn`t realise people didn`t know,” Billie Eilish said. The You Should See Me in a Crown singer further explained that she does not believe in “coming out.” She said, “I`m just like, `Why can`t we just exist?` I`ve been doing this for a long time, and I just didn`t talk about it. Whoops,” she added.

The singer also expressed her shock over the article and said, “I saw the article, and I was like, oh, I guess… I came out today! OK cool.” 

“But it`s exciting to me because I guess people didn`t know… but it`s cool that they know. Ooh, I`m nervous talking about it! But… I am for the girls,” Eilish said.

After the magazine`s last issue, Billie took to her Instagram to call them out on “outing” her. She wrote, “Thanks variety for my award and for also outing me on a red carpet at 11 a.m. Instead of talking about anything else that matters, I like boys and girls. Leave me alone about it. Please, literally, who cares stream ‘what was I made for?`”

Many of her followers took to the comment section to defend the magazine, as they were of the school of thought that Billie was being “unfair` and “did not understand the concept of coming out.”

“It`s not really fair to say “outed on a red carpet.” You had a conversation with a gay interviewer about the cover story where you came out. she was doing her job. representation is still important, girly was clearly buzzing that one of the biggest stars in the world is part of her community. It doesnt matter to you but it does to queer kids across the world who are realising who they are.,” one fan wrote. 

Another user commented, “the audacity to place blame on the variety interviewer and not the original interview where YOU VOLUNTEERED THE INFO.”

“If it was so obvious then you probably wouldn’t feel outed? Shoutout to you for saying you’re attracted to women for a COVER STORY, now going to get a queer reporter fired for asking about YOUR confirmation that you’re interested in women, grow up and thicken that skin babe, a lot of peoples lives are ruined for being outed. You made a statement and lost followers, take accountability” read another comment. 








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