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Thanksgiving in sitcoms is the hallmark of laughter and chaos. All the sitcoms we`ve ever loved have iconic Thanksgiving scenes that must never be forgotten and on the off-chance you`ve forgotten, we`re here to remind you. Here`s a look at the most iconic Thanksgiving scenes in sitcom history.

Modern Family

The show did a Thanksgiving special for almost all the seasons. One of the best episodes has to be the one that featured the return of the beloved Real Head Scratcher™. Phil is obsessed with a creepy almost pornographic AI cook with a British accent who`s guiding him through his first time cooking a whole turkey for the family, and of course, Phil get`s a little too hot and bothered with the voice guiding him. On the other hand, Cam and Mitch are engaged in some familial strife while Gloria and Jay try to abandon the family by holing up in their house and pretending to be in Mexico. A culinary whodunnit for the ages as the family ends up with 3 turkeys. The cherry on top of the episode was given to us by Haley obsessing over Manny`s languishing crush on her. This is your sign to rewatch this episode just to hear Phil call the voice a “randy little redcoat.” 


Friends is synonymous with Rachel`s famed Trifle. The episode is without a doubt the greatest in the series. The episode`s never-ending mayhem makes it a memorable drama filled with Friendsgiving. Rachel making an unholy combination of Shepherd`s Pie and Trifle, Joey eating it all, Pheobe`s inappropriate crush on Monica`s father, Ross`s secret of getting high in college and blaming it on Chandler, Ross, and Joey trying to wrap up Thanksgiving in order to go hang out with Joey`s new hot roommate, Janine, all of it combined with Monica`s inability to admit to her parents that she was romantically involved with Chandler. All of the tension resulted in Ross`s mother finally declaring Rachel`s trifle was awful as everyone attempted to keep it from her and finally approving of Chandler when it was revealed that Ross was the one who got high and only blamed Chandler.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The earliest and, by far, most fun Thanksgiving episode. The entire squad heads over to Amy Santiago`s house for a massive Thanksgiving feast (obviously to impress Holt). But nothing is going well from the start. Jake and Holt separated from the group to track down a robber who had stolen $10,000 in cash from the evidence locker. In retrospect, the episode provides a greater understanding of each character`s mentality, neuroticism, and tarumas. Jake reveals the true reason he despises Thanksgiving (hint, hint – his parents), but this revelation forces him and Holt to quit the team mid-dinner to find the thief. Boyle, on the other hand, ends up destroying Terry`s food in the refrigerator, causing hangry Terry (which becomes a recurrent gag in the series). We also learn that, despite being a “perfectionist,” Amy is unable to cook, and the food she does cook is dreadful.

Gossip Girl

The title, The Treasure of Serena Madre, is really appropriate. It`s also the most famous episode in the entire series. Even now, it is being replicated. The Van Der Woodsens/Humphreys have prepared an exquisite buffet spread for the day, but Serena is making horrible romantic decisions by becoming involved with Congressman Tripp Vanderbilt, Nate`s cousin. This poor decision also results in a significant squabble between Serena and Blair, references to the Dan/Vanessa/Olivia threesome, Vanessa and her mother have a lot of conflict, and Jenny and Eric are nearly at war. With Jason Derulo`s Whatcha Say, this episode takes us to the Thanksgiving table, where everything is swiftly coming apart. Nate informs Tripp`s wife Maureen of Tripp and Serena`s romance, while Blair informs Jenny that Eric destroyed her cotillion.

How I Met Your Mother

Season 3, Episode 9. If you`re an avid fan you already know which Thanksgiving episode we`re referring to. Yes, the legend-wait for it-dary slapsgiving episode. The episode featured the most well-executed running gag of the slap bet. The group`s Thanksgiving is super tense, filled with secrets, the aftermath of Ted-Robin`s breakup, and the slap countdown. Slapsgiving will leave you gasping for air.



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