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Nick Jonas was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes quite early in life. It was the time when he wasn’t the household name he is today. Now in an interview with Prevention Nick has opened up about how he deals with things on a daily basis. 

The artist shared, “I was on tour with my brothers at the time; it was kind of early days of our career. We were doing a school tour—an anti-drug school tour—so basically we would pull into school auditoriums in the Northeast, and we would pull in a 15-20 minute set with our very loud pop-punk music, and I started experiencing all of the symptoms,” he says, “frequent urination, loss of appetite, losing weight unexpectedly.”

Later the actor shared that his family can now tell when my glucose is high with his behaviour. He said, “Kevin and Joe can kind of tell. They can tell when my glucose is high because obviously, I’m a bit more irritable. But now I just tell them. I’m like ‘Hey don’t bother me right now, my glucose is high, I’ll be fine in 10 minutes,’ then it’s all good.”

Nick further revealed that he shared the details about his sugar level with wife Priyanka Chopra. “When we go on trips and things like that, when I’m away from my wife, then I’ll share with one of my brothers just in case. You never know, it’s just better to be safe.”

He further in the interview called Priyanka an incredible partner for how she deals with Nick’s disease. He said, “I think it was important early in our relationship to set the stage with what it feels like. For a person not living with the disease, it’s hard to explain what it feels like from a physical perspective but also an emotional perspective. And that’s when I mentioned before alerting my brothers when my glucose is high. I do the same with her. It just helps avoid unnecessary speed bumps. She’s been an absolutely incredible partner, not just with the management of the disease—she’s fully educated on what to do in any scenario—but also as a parent now. I think your focus and kind of attention to detail on your health clicks into a different gear because you’re now not just living for yourself, you’re living to be there and share as many memories and be as present as you can be with this little angel. So I think just pushing to live the healthiest and happiest life and diabetes as a part of that is super important.”

In the interview, he further opened up about dealing with it after Maltie Marie’s arrival. He shared, “There were days early in our daughter being home where a low would hit me right as she needed a bottle or needed my attention for something and it was a very new thing to experience. And thinking through, one day, too, explaining it to her: Why daddy has to take a second, or whatever the thing is, was really not something I’d thought about. At that point, I’d been living with this disease for over half my life. These new experiences continue to pop up and creating and normalizing conversations around them is wonderful.”

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