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In new upsetting news, former child actor Evan Ellingson, who starred in `My Sister`s Keeper,` and `CSI: Miami`, was confirmed to have passed away at the age of 35. So far, no cause of death has been declared, but it is common knowledge that the actor had been battling addiction for years. Evan had turned over a new leaf when he had turned sober and was doing well, as told by his father, Michael Ellingson. According to reports by HuffPost, he was tragically found dead in Fontana, California.

Evan`s life began in La Verne, a municipality located in LA country. He had three brothers and was described by his close friends and family as sporty. In addition to his love for acting, he also reportedly shared an affinity for snowboarding and surfing. 

About his work, back in 2004, Evan had been cast in a television series produced by Mel Gibson, where he played the role of Kyle Savage. Even though the show ended after one season, many still remember his character. In 2007, `24 Hours`, the TV show offered Evan Ellingson a role in the sixth season. He aced the role of Jack Bauer`s nephew. Towards the end of 2007, Evan bagged a role in CSI: Miami, broadcast on CBS. He essayed the role of Kyle Harmon, the son of Lieutenant Horatio Caine.

Evan is survived by his daughter Brooklyn Ellingsin

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