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Subscription platform Patreon has acquired digital events platform Moment. 

The platform, which allows creators to sell tickets to live-streamed events, launched in 2019 under the name Moment House. It has since been used by celebrities and brands such as Justin Bieber, Tame Impala, Kygo, Pod Save America and the Good For You podcast with Whitney Cummings. 

Patreon said it plans to “integrate foundational elements” of Moment and the Patreon platforms to “enable creators and fans to have a seamless experience across our membership, digital commerce, and digital event products.” The terms of the deal with Patreon were not disclosed.

This follows Patreon’s rebranding of the platform last month, in which the company introduced new tools to allow all creators to gain community insights and publishing tools, rolled out a feature to all creators that allows them to sell individual videos, audio and downloadable files and created chat rooms for creators and their communities, among other measures. 

“Patreon’s mission has always been to help creators take control over their work, deepen connections with their most passionate fans, and build successful, sustainable businesses,” said Jack Conte, Co-Founder & CEO, Patreon. “On the heels of releasing our new brand identity, mobile app, and a suite of creator tools, joining forces with Moment will further strengthen Patreon’s offerings for creators.”

“We built Moment to help artists and creators gather their global communities for premium live experiences while providing them complete control over creative and monetization,” said Arjun Mehta, co-founder & CEO, Moment. “We are excited to join the Patreon team and deliver an even better, integrated experience to many more creators and their communities.”

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